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Booking Conditions

General terms pertaining to rental  and payment

Before booking a holiday trip, you should definitely take some time to read the information below. For a relaxing and inspiring holiday what you inevitably need is a clearly set out legal situation such as you will find in our general terms pertaining to rental and payment.

The  rules below are incorporated into the rental contract you will be signing with us.

By registering with us you irrevocably offer us the conclusion of the rental contract.


Your registration may be made personally, by telephone or in writing. The conclusion of the contract is subject to our acceptance of the same. We will inform you about our acceptance (which requires no specific form) by sending you your booking confirmation and the invoice.

If you should not be in possession of our general terms pertaining to rental and payment when registering by phone, we will send the aforementioned to you along with the booking confirmation and the invoice.

If you do not lodge an appeal against these within ten days after receipt (or, in the case of bookings at short notice, without further delay) the contract will be considered concluded incorporating all stated terms and conditions.


The information provided about your good selves will be protected according to the German legislation pertaining to data privacy protection.


On conclusion or immediately after conclusion of the contract you will receive the booking confirmation. Should the content of the confirmation differ from the content of your registration please consider this to be a new offer to which we are subject for ten days. In this case the contract will be concluded when you confirm your acceptance within the above mentioned period and on the basis of the newly stipulated terms. Your payment will also be regarded as the acceptance of the contract between us.


Please inform us without further delay if you should not have received your booking documents 5 days before the rental period stipulated in the contract begins. In this case we will forward the documents to you immediately, provided that the payment has already been effected. If you do not inform us and do not make use of the rental contract concluded due to the fact that the rental documents are missing we will have to regard this as non-fulfillment of the contract and hold you responsible for all expenses occurring due to this non-fulfillment.


30% of the invoice amount is to be transferred to our account within one week of receipt of the booking confirmation and the invoice. The balance is to be paid six weeks before the beginning of the rental period without prior notice.

Should we not be able to confirm your registration or should you not have accepted an alternative offer we will immediately refund your payments provided these have already been effected.

Should you not have effected the agreed payment, even after having been urged to pay, or should full payment not have been effected by the beginning of the rental period we are entitled to cancel the contract and invoice you for compensation which will cover the cancellation fees, provided that at this time, you do not have a rightful claim for rental defect legitimating your cancellation.


Documents pertaining to rental of property 

After having received your balance payment we will forward the documents pertaining to rental of the property. These documents will legitimate your claim for the apartment/ studio on meeting the housekeeper. He will also receive copies of the documents sent to you.

The documents include the following:

-     Name and date of birth of the tenant and people accompanying him

-         Location and mode of handing over the keys

-         Your travel dates

-         Description of the apartment or studio

-         Apartment or studios address

  Furthermore we will provide you with information of the transfer Corfu - to Paxos

Service, price, end of rental period


Our apartments and studios provide enough blankets and have fully equipped kitchens. All necessary bedding as well as towels and tea-towels will be provided in the flat and will be replaced on a weekly basis.

The rental period begins at 3:00 pm on date of arrival and ends at 10:00 am on the date of departure on the dates stipulated in your booking confirmation/ invoice.

The apartment or studio will have to be handed over well-swept, the furniture and all equipment clean.

A prolongation of your stay will only be possible if the flat is vacant. The price of the prolongation will be dependent on the seasonal price. Please contact us in good time should you be interested.


You are entitled to resign from the rental contract at any time before the beginning of your trip.

For your own sake, to prevent misunderstandings, we strongly recommend you declare your cancellation in a writing. The day we receive your cancellation will count as the date of cancellation.

If you cancel the rental contract or you do not take advantage of the same, we are entitled to reasonable compensation for our provisions and expenses. In the compensation calculation we will consider the cost not incurred and the possibility of any alternative use of our rental services.

The amount will depend on the price of your holiday booked with us. The charges for cancellation are as follows:

-         until 61 days before agreed rental period begins:                       30%

-         from 60 to 37 days before agreed rental period begins:             60%

-         from the 36th day onwards until agreed rental period begins:      80%

-         In case of later cancellation or not making use of the rental contract:      full price

Participants and people joining the group to replace some one else will be liable as debtors.


Force Majeure

Should unpredictable circumstances at the time of the conclusion of the contract (i.e. in case of force majeure) complicate, endanger or impede taking advantage of the rental contract, both parties are entitled to cancel the contract in accordance with §651BGB.


Should a contractual service not be delivered as stipulated in the contract, or not at all, you may demand it be delivered within reasonable time. The service we may then provide you with may, in fact, be of the same or a higher quality than that agreed up on. We are entitled to refuse this demand in case it implies unreasonable expense or trouble. You have the right to claim for reduction of the rental price if you have not been supplied with the contractual service and if you have not purposely omitted to inform us.

Should your stay be seriously impaired due to a rental defect and we do not remedy the situation within reasonable time or if remedying it is not possible or refused by us or because the cancellation of the contract is justified for a specific legitimate reason on your part then you are entitled to cancel the rental contract in accordance with legal ruling.

According to the legal rules, when a defect of service actually takes place you are requested to do everything necessary to cooperate to remove the defect and to keep possible damages at the lowest level.

Our housekeeper is by no means allowed to accept any kind of claim.

Passport and Visa Terms

Please find out in due time about entry and/or transit terms and conditions for the various countries you will be traveling through. All disadvantages arising due to your failure to do so cannot be taken into consideration in the context of rental and/or our contract.




We strongly recommend you to take out a travel cancellation insurance which is not included in the rental contract. A family liability insurance including a rental damages clause is also advisable as the tenant and people accompanying him are held liable for all damages inflicted on or in the building. You are requested to treat the building with all due care. Damages occurring during the rental period are to be reported to us in writing immediately.


Should we be responsible for any rental defect you may hold us liable to the repayment of a maximum sum amounting to no more than the rent paid.

Number of People & Pets

The apartment and studios may only be occupied by the number of people stated in your booking confirmation. We have to be informed about any changes concerning the names and numbers of people in advance of the rental period. We have the right of veto as far as these changes are concerned.

Bringing along dogs or other pets requires our explicit permission in advance. Should other agreements be made, these will have to be recorded in writing. We or our housekeeper are entitled to reject all people or animals or pets not stated in the booking confirmation.

General Terms and Conditions

All statements made in our description of the object are subject to legal and official approval. Details of this description correspond to the present state of affairs at time of publication.


By lancing a new publication becomes valid all earlier descriptions of the property or identical property and dates as well as data and prices concerning these expire.


We are not to be held liable for any misprint or clerical errors.

Should any section of these terms and conditions become invalid, this will not affect the remaining sections of the document.


Court of Jurisdiction is Kerkyra / Corfu  Town


Technical fittings may not always correspond to European standards. Therefore please observe operating instructions.






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