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The charm of Paxos lies in the friendliness of its people, in the beauty of its beaches, valleys of cypress trees, wild flowers and olive-clad hills

Paxos is the smallest of the Eptanisa (7 islands) in the Ionian Sea.

It's only 8 miles long by 3 miles across and forms together with Antipaxos at a short distance a picturesque cluster of islands south of Corfu.

Islands full of warm-hearted and hospitable locals. Islands with 65 chapels and 300,000 olive trees. Islands with a unique, unrivaled sunset, just made for truly relaxing holidays.

The Paxos Isles consist of Paxos, Antipaxos, Mongonissi, Kaltonissi, St. Mary and St.Nicholas. Even nowadays Paxos is a minute paradise,  nine kilometers in length and three kilometers in width (at the broadest point) and it is located at the southern tip of Corfu. Paxos has a size of  only 19km² and is an attractive island bearing a wonderful hillside. Large numbers of olive trees and cypress groves form a cooling roof in the summer. Farming settlements are to be found scattered all over the island. Paxos has more than 30 different bays for bathing and 64 churches which remain to be discovered. Paxos is a rambler's paradise, the whole island is covered with olive trees and the many wild flowers bring a cascade of colour, scent and splendour to this tiny haven. Old donkey tracks and paths criss-cross the island and there are hidden villages unseen by many visitors. Old churches dating back to the 12th century, olive presses and beautiful old stone houses all add their touch of splendour.

Paxos is so small that you can walk the whole island on foot. There is, of course, a local bus which runs regularly. Also taxis are available at very reasonable prices

Paxos reveals its true charm through its magnificent east coast

You will come across bay after bay, creating the impression of a never ending stretch of bright blue and turquoise water.

The west coast is very steep and has rocky banks:

Here you will find the most incredible grottos.

Paxi's western coast consists of really amazing cliffs, where the island is suddenly cut off. A must see.

Paxi could very well be considered the ultimate Greek island

Paxos` capital is called Gaios. It is in the southern part of the island. All ferries coming from Italy, the Greek continent and Corfu arrive here.

The nearest village on the east coast is Loggos which is a picturesque fishing village.

To the north of the island you will find the second largest village, called  LAKKA .

It is situated on the banks of a pretty and shallow bay which is very well protected from wind due to its to surrounding headlands.

This little fishing village with its almost circular harbour and crystal clear sea, framed by green and silver olive trees, is an artist’s delight. The quay is edged with colorful fishing boats bringing in the daily catch of lobster, snapper, mullet and swordfish.

In Lakka you will find two beaches to be found. They are named Kanoni and Charami.

In Lakka´s town center there are various possibilities for shopping. You will find grocery shops, butcher shops, bakeries as well as the typical taverns and bars. Narrow streets, picturesque gardens, numerous small shops, tavernas, bars and friendly people give Lakka a special character of its own and make it a most attractive place to stay. Lakka’s wide bay of clear, turquoise waters contains a stretch of olive-fringed beaches which shelve to sand. Dinghy sailing and windsurfing facilities are available on one of these beaches.

  What may impress you most, however, is the sea; crystal waters shading from pale turquoise to dark ocean-blue, and so clear that you can study the sea-bed from the rocks or the bow of a boat. In the beautiful natural sea caves on the west coast, the water becomes an almost luminous blue as the sun's rays are reflected off the submerged rocky floor. Thus the caves are known as the 'Blue Grottos'.

Hospitality is a sacred duty to Paxos, as you will find out right from the beginning of your stay. As direct descendants of the Ancient Greeks, Paxiots have an extremely friendly disposition and readily did you. Their warm smiles welcome you into their shops, tavernas and homes, creating the perfect easy going atmosphere for you to relax and unwind on this beautiful island. Their goodwill is infectious, and before you know it you will be greeting them back and will return home feeling almost Greek yourself!! Paxos is the sort of place to which you risk becoming deeply attached, returning year after year to be greeted like an old friend when you arrive and given a warm farewell when you take your sad leave. 

Walking in Paxos is a delight. Hidden by olive trees, in fields covered by wild flowers, you will discover old churches, develict mansions still proudly standing and whispering tales of past glory, old stone windmills, picturesque secluded landscapes, enchanting sunsets.  

 Ambling through the forest, you may stumble magically on unexpected bays of startling turquoise or catch fleeting glimpses of the mountains of Epirus or the tiny isle of Antipaxos, or suddenly find yourself gasping at the sight of the sheer cliffs on the west coast. Nothing seems more conducive to winding down than taking life at strolling pace. You could even follow local custom and cadge a lift, although traffic is infrequent, except at the height of summer and, like everything else in Paxos, moves at a sedate pace - the lanes are too narrow and winding for fast driving but what's the point of hurrying when the island's extremities are under ten kilometers apart? Moreover, many of the delicious coves on the east coast can only be reached from landwards by foot, along narrow paths threading through the gnarled trunks of the ancient olives.

But then the reason for going to Paxos in the first place is to forget all about the modern world and let the island weave its ancient and simple spell over you.

It really is an earthly paradise since it is the Ionian island with the most

greenery, with a deep blue sea, with many fishes and very hospitable inhabitants.

You are going to have unforgettable vacations!





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